Jalapeno Parmesan Swirl Bread Dough Baked 2I made swirl bread rolls today. Of the savory variety. With Jalapeno and parmesan. It’s a bread meets pretzel love affair gone perfectly right.

I use these as my anxiety calming drug. I don’t pop the pills. I use swirl bread rolls instead.

See, there’s this horrible, terrible, making you wish you didn’t eat three pieces of cake last week event coming up. {Gulp} The daunting, 10 year Class Reunion. Its where you get together with people that made fun of you during your awkward teenage years and weren’t afraid to tell you you’re kind of ugly. Great. Can’t wait.

Can’t we all just become friends on Facebook and Twitter and consider ourselves all caught up on each other’s business. I mean, it’s not like anyones actually going to bring their dirty laundry. That’s the kind of stuff you keep locked up under your bed, not air it out in front of 900 peers. And while we’re being honest, everyone knows, half of the people that go to these events really only go to make themselves feel better about where they are in life. It’s true.

I think i’ve finally decided to politely decline the invitation.

Jalapeno Parmesan Swirl Bread Dough Baked

Here’s how its going to go if I dont.

Hello. Yup, it’s me Marzia. Yes, that’s right! We did have Spanish together 1st period. Mhm… Mr. Stevens was a great geometry teacher. Yeah, I went to college in town. Yes, i’m suppose to be a dietician. That’s right. I started off doing interior design. Quit. Became a makeup artist for MAC while studying nutrition. I’m all over the place. {insert nervous laugh} Just got married 2 years ago. No kids. I read books for fun and bake brownies when i’m upset. And when my cakes don’t come out right, I cry. A lot. *Husband nods head* Awesome. Yea.. I do look different. I grew out of my awkward, manly phase. Almost pretty… thanks!

See why I think i’m not going. It’ll be more awkward than accidentally sending a pile of lemons scurrying across the grocery store floor, terrorizing the place.

I need more swirl bread rolls and a good reason to go.

Jalapeno Parmesan Swirl Bread Rolls_This is easy, easy, easy. We’re gonna dump a bunch of ingredients in a mixer and mix. Then we’re gonna let it sit and plump up. Roll it out and fill it up.

Jalapeno Parmesan Swirl Bread ingredHere’s a picture of what the powdered milk looks like. I found mine in the baking aisle near the evaporated and condensed milk.

Jalapeno Parmesan Mini Swirl Bread DoughDough should be really loose. Do not add anymore flour. The softer the dough, the better the rolls.

Cut dough in half. Roll out the dough. Brush with melted butter. Sprinkle the garlic, parmesan and parsley.

Jalapeno Parmesan Swirl Bread Rolls Dough Rolled Roll the dough up from one side to the other.

Jalapeno Parmesan Mini Bread Dough Rolls Rolled w- baking panSlice the dough into one inch thick slices and place swirl side up in muffin pan. Brush with butter before baking.

Jalapeno Parmesan Mini Swirl Bread Dough Baked 4

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