Game Day Indonesian Chicken Wings Final

Sundays are special.

Sundays are made for laziness. It’s not the day to make big, extravagant meals that require lots of dirty dishes. Let these Indonesian chicken wings be your breezy Sunday saviors.

We’re talking about an ooohh and an ahhh, smoke and mirrors, rabbits being pulled out of a hat, and a disappearing assistant! Super quick, super easy, with less dishes to clean than the fingers on one hand!

Here’s the game plan (get it? Okay, sorry!): tossing ingredients into a saucepan, placing wings on a baking rack and putting that in the oven, pouring the sauce over the wings, sprinkling with sesame seeds and scallions and BAM! An explosion of exotic flavors in every bite!

This recipe will leave you enough time to throw on your spirit gear and slather on a coat of shiny gloss just before the door bell rings!

Sundays are made to be easy.

Lets let super flavorful, crowd pleasing, wings be that way too!

Game Day Indonesian Chicken Wings Sauce Prep Ingredient PourHere’s how this party is going down! We’re gonna gather everything and toss it in a saucepan. We’re gonna let it bubble and simmer and cook until this hot, sticky mess cooks down to an even hotter and stickier and messier mess. Yup, that’s what we’re gonna do.

Game Day Indonesian Chicken Wings Out of Oven WingsWe’re gonna line up the chicken wings on a baking sheet lined with parchment. Place a baking rack on top and put those chicky wings into the oven. Let them get nice and crispy before we bathe them in our Indonesian style sauce.

Game Day Indonesian Wings Final Closeup 2Betcha can’t eat just one!