Skinny Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie 2

What’s your morning routine like?

I wake up and contemplate on going to the gym. I talk myself into it, followed by talking myself out of it. I splash cold water on my face and usually cannot make full conversation until a full cup of coffee happily splashes around in the belly. Once that coffee is running through my veins, it’s go time. I try to start the morning off right with a good balanced breakfast. It’s easy to reason with a brain that wired and ready to go. As the day goes on and the coffee wears off, it’s harder to convince myself that chocolate covered almonds are not appropriate for lunch.

It’s Friday. You’ve got two days ahead of you to eat how you like. Have that devilish donut that’s staring at you in the break room. Come Monday morning, this smoothie will start your day/week off right!

Skinny Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie Ingredient SpreadGather your ingredients. This is pretty simple. We’re just tossing everything into a blender. I froze a banana prior to this (not pictured). The smoothie blends a lot easier that way.

Skinny Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie Fresh Squeezed JuiceI used some whole tangerines and some whole oranges (they were seedless) I also juiced a few. It’s totally up to you! Do what you feel works for you. If your oranges have a lot of seeds, just juice ’em.

Skinny Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie StrawberryCan’t find fresh strawberries right now? Frozen strawberries work just as well. In fact, you can leave out the ice cubes that way!Skinny Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie Blender ShotToss the liquids into the bottom of the blender along with the frozen bananas and oats. Then, pile on the tangerines, oranges, strawberries, and Greek yogurt.Skinny Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie Final Shot