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You guys!! I just got back from visiting the Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom here in Houston. And let me explain my experience to you in just one simple word — AMAZING. It truly was! These showrooms are a wonderful place to start if you’re thinking about sprucing up the kitchen and can’t really decide on the first step.

What I LOVE the most is that the Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom is just that – a showroom. As in the staff doesn’t try to sell you a thing because they don’t sell appliances at their showrooms. How nice would it be to walk in simply to gain knowledge without a sales rep breathing down your neck for money?

I know that is the biggest turn-off for me. The showrooms are made with the customer in mind: it’s there simply for you to go in and get a feel for the appliances, gain knowledge, and ultimately to help you come up with a unique solution for your appliance needs. Not only do they have knowledgeable staff to help you with the decision making process, but they also have a truly talented executive chef who does cooking demonstrations to show you HOW to use these appliances at home like a pro.

There was soooo much that I learned from the chef, but we’ll get to that in just a minute. Subzero-Wolf-3 You know how guys (and some girls) get all excited about muscle cars?

That would be my reaction walking into the Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom. I’m talking jaw-droppingly gorgeous kitchens. It was like waking up on Christmas morning and finding a big yellow Ferrari with your name on it. I didn’t know where to look first. I just knew that I wanted it all. I started my tour with the rangetops and quickly learned that cooking on a Wolf rangetop or cooktop is so much more controlled than cooking on any other kind of stovetop. The burners have more heat control than any other brand on the market.

And the ovens! Don’t even get me started. The dual convection ovens eliminate ‘cold spots’ for more even baking every single time. You know what that means! You don’t need to flip the muffin tray around at half time anymore. Is anyone else excited about that? I don’t know about you, but I would love to step away and only come back when my food was ready for me to taste test. Yes. Please!

But don’t think for a second that the Sub-Zero refrigerators didn’t impress me just as much. I was so shocked to hear that sometimes normal refrigerators can shorten the life of your produce. I mean, all this time, I wondered why my herbs wouldn’t last more than a week in the fridge. Well, let’s just say, the herbs weren’t the problem. The Sub-Zero refrigerators are completely different from any other brand of refrigerators. How so? They have a dual refrigeration system – which is just a fancy way of saying that they have a separate cooling system for the refrigerator and freezer. Average refrigerators pump air from the freezer into the refrigerator which causes those poor little herbs of mine to go limp in just a few days. Boo-hoo! Having a dedicated system means that your $$ stretches further for groceries when you aren’t tossing once-crispy-lettuce into the trash all the time.

We likey. SubzeroWolf-2Subzero-Wolf-4 If you thought I meant a measly little cooking demo, think again.

The Executive Chef, Garth Blackburn, prepared a full three course meal complete with the most delicious Raspberry and White Chocolate Bread Pudding that had me wanting seconds and thirds. I love that the cooking class is totally interactive. We were all shocked to see that he pulled a Slow Roasted Beef Tenderloin out of the oven without oven mitts and lived to tell the tale. He told us later that the Convection Steam Oven heats up just the meat when the probe thermometer is inserted. And here I thought it was good ol’ kitchen magic. Chef Garth was able to break the medium rare steak with his hands into tiny pieces <– now that’s some tender meat.

But what made me the happiest was that he was answering questions not just about the appliances but also about cooking in general. Like, we learned the quickest way to keep something from boiling over, isn’t the wooden spoon trick that we keep seeing on Pinterest. It’s simply blowing on the surface of the liquid. And how you don’t really need to measure quick cooking polenta or its cooking liquid. Just add extra polenta if it’s too wet or liquid (broth or cream) if it’s too dry.

At the end of the class we even got to take home recipe cards with the ingredients and instructions of all the recipes he prepared, so guess who’s going to be enjoying that bread pudding all the time? MEMEME. Oh and a quick 10 minute hollandaise. GAME. CHANGER.

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