Healthy Garlic Parmesan FriesOh my goodness. Like, WHOA.

Guess how many oven baked fries I ate today? Okay. No, don’t really do that.

Hot, crispy, garlicky parmesan fries are going to come out of your oven tonight. They. Just. Are. And i’m willing to bet, the tray will be empty in a matter of minutes. Self control totally goes out the door when these healthy garlic parmesan fries are at stake. And it totally can. Because they’re baked!

As you can see from my half eaten wedge, I was having a little trouble keeping my fingers off these hot potatoes!

Healthy Garlic Parmesan Fries Bitten 2Here’s the deal, you guys.

I LOVE french fries. Which is saying a lot because I don’t even really like potatoes. Shut the front door! I know! Who doesn’t like potatoes? This gal! But seriously. Even as a kid. I went through a love-hate relationship with potatoes. And so if I love these. You will LOVE these garlic and parmesan fries too.

For the last few weeks, I have been testing homemade and healthy recipes for french fries. It’s a sacrifice, sampling all those fries… well, let’s be real. Someone had to do it. But all that sacrificial work has come to an end at these healthy fries. I. will. look. no. further.

These fries are slightly spicy, salty, garlicky, and cheesy. They’re crispy, but not too crispy. Golden brown on the outside with just enough softness on the inside.  They’re healthy. And did I mention garlicky? They’re totallllly garlicky.

And baked, so no ones counting… you can eat a few extras fries too!

Healthy Garlic Parmesan Fries

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