Easy Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish Braid on sheet*Drools*

I am in love. I am obsessed. I am gaga over this raspberry cream cheese Danish braid!

This braid reminds me of happier/drier times when I wasn’t being rained on or at least threatening to by looming dark clouds.

Ay yai yai!

Just gimme a minute to gather myself (and to lick the final little bit of icing off my sticky fingers and try and attempt to string together coherent sentences)!

Or maybe to pop in another bite or two…

This Danish is distractingly delicious. And as a bonus, wonderfully easy to make! So easy I almost double-dog-dare you to try making it without your first cup of coffee in the morning. That’s right. Totally not kidding around!

Easy Raspberry and Cream Cheese Danish Braid With Icing on SheetSo I made this recipe. And then I made it again. And then I made it again and again and again. And of course it was jusssstt to make sure it was absoluteeely perfect for you! No other reason.

No siree!


Egg yolks and cream cheese. Whip. Sugar, lemon juice, vanilla extract, and sour cream. Whip. Fluffy cream cheese mixture… Ready!

Easy Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish Whipped Cream Cheese FillingLicking the spatula is totally necessary. You must you must you must!

Easy Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish Braid on plateSally (from Sally’s Baking Addiction) has an excellent tutorial on how to cut strips of the pastry with step by step pictures. Be sure to check that out here.

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