The perfect 3-Day Mykonos Itinerary! If you’re headed to the Cyclades for a summer vacation, I have a full list of all the things you have to do, see, and EAT in Mykonos! Enjoy the crystal clear waters, the iconic windmills, the white painted paths of Mykonos Town, beautiful sunsets, and all the souvlaki you can eat!

iconic windmills of Mykonos


Greece in the summertime is a dream! If you think Little Venice is beautiful in the pictures you’ve seen of Mykonos, it’s definitely just as beautiful in person. With plenty to see and do, like enjoying the nightlife, all the delicious food, the sun, beach life, it’s no surprise that Greece is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the summer. 

I’m not kidding when I say there’s something to see EVERYWHERE. Turn around from the water to look at those iconic Windmills. Visiting the Greek islands has long been on my bucket list. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat and just stared at pictures of Greece on Pinterest. It was a vacation that we planned and canceled several times because of the pandemic. 

So was it worth the wait?


Mykonos is beautiful. However, there are a few things that I learned and I’m hoping if you’re looking to put together a Mykonos Itinerary for yourself, you’ll keep these things in mind!

veranda in Mykonos
sleepy cat in Mykonos Town

Words to know:

Though we didn’t come across any local Greeks that didn’t speak enough English for basic communication, it’s always nice to be able to greet someone in their own language. Here are a few words you might find helpful.

  • Kalimera (Kaaali May-Rah) – Good Morning
  • Kalispera (Kaali Spay-Rah) – Good Afternoon/Evening
  • Efharisto (Ef-far-Eestho) – Thank you!
picture of us in the old port of Mykonos
Iconic alleyway outside Kastros Restaurant

Best time to go to the Greek Islands:

If you’re looking to plan an extremely relaxing, avoid heading to Mykonos, Santorini, Delos, Milos, and all the other Greek Islands during peak season! When making a Mykonos Itinerary, the most important thing to consider is the time of year to head there.

  • Peak Season: Mid June, all of July till the end of August
  • Low Season (aka best time to go): Beginning of September through October. Some people do suggest going in May and April as well however, I would think the water would be significantly cold and the evening would be downright chilly!
Pepper Souvlaki in Mykonos

Things to Know and Best Tips for Making a Mykonos Itinerary:

  • Avoid being in Mykonos on days when cruise ships dock! I can’t tell you how crazy it gets when cruise ships dock in Mykonos for day trips. Its a madhouse! There were mornings when we went into sleepy Mykonos Town and we would see the cruise ships pulling up with passengers disembarking for a guided tour. Honestly, I wish someone had warned us about this when I was putting together my Mykonos Itinerary. Swarms of people descent on the little paths. They don’t walk in a single file line, they don’t make way for others in fear of losing their group. They’ll happily block the sunset view at the restaurant you’ve booked months in advance. All this to say, look up cruise ship schedules and avoid days that they’ll be docking if possible.
  • Mykonos is extremely WINDY! If you haven’t seen the millions of TikToks with people being blown away, consider this your official warning! We were there for 3 days and most of 2 of the 3 days have extreme winds – especially down by Little Venice.
  • Book Hotels Early! There are only so many hotels on Mykonos, so if you want your pick of the lot, I highly suggest booking your hotels at least 5-6 months in advance. I know, that’s quite a bit in advance! 
  • Wander right after sunrise! You’ll almost never see the iconic alley of Mykonos Town empty during peak season except early in the morning! Most of the pictures you see where they’re empty were taken around 7 am in the morning! There might be a few bags of trash sitting out, but you’ll never see it like this unless you go early!
  • Make dinner and ferry reservations in advance too! Don’t wait until you get to the island to book for dinner. And don’t even think you’ll get seated during dinner hour peak season at a restaurant without reservations! Add making dinner reservations to the list of things to do when you start making your Mykonos Itinerary for the trip. You’ll also want to book ferry trips to other islands in advance. During peak season, you probably won’t be able to get one if you wait till the last minute. Make a roughly plan on what you want to do each day and purchase tickets for any trips to and from Athens, important archaeological sites, other islands, or ancient ruins well in advance.
  • Taxis! There are only so many taxis on the island. So you’ll want to either stay close to Mykonos Town, take the bus to the beaches and surrounding areas, bring good walking shoes, rent a car through your hotel or a local agency, or be patient when waiting for a taxi. Our hotel staff told us there are about 10 taxis on the entire island! But if you rent a vehicle, be careful! People drive crazy there.
  • Even if you rent a car, there’s a lot of walking! There are only a few parking lots in Mykonos so when you’re putting together your Mykonos Itinerary, make sure to plan ahead with good shoes!
beautiful trees and a balcony

Where we stayed:

We stayed at the Myconian Kyma Hotel. It was about a 12 minute walk from the center of Mykonos Town by foot and mostly downhill heading there. Breakfast was included in our hotel and the staff was extremely friendly! We loved it here and would definitely add them to our Mykonos Itinerary if we were to visit again.

Myconian Kyma Hotel
Sitting area outside the hotel
indoor sitting area at the Myconian Kyma hotel

Mykonos Beaches:

All of the beaches below are driving distance from Mykonos Town. You’ll need to rent a vehicle, take the bus, private transfer, or a taxi to most if not all of these beaches. But it’s worth adding at least one of these to your Mykonos Itinerary!

  • Psarou Beach:11 minutes by car from Mykonos Towncenter
    • One of the trendiest beaches in Mykonos. Buses depart from the Fabrica bus station. You’ll get off at the Platis Gialos bus station and the beach is approximately a 10 minute walk from there.
    • Beach beds were 25 EUR/day when we went. The closer to the waters edge you are, the higher the price tag.
  • Super Paradise Beach: 19 minutes by car from Mykonos Town center
  • Ornos Beach: 9 minutes by car from Mykonos Town center
  • Paraga Beach: 15 minutes by car from Mykonos Town center
  • Elia Beach: 24 minutes by car from Mykonos Town center
Little Venice

What to do in Mykonos:

  • Visit the many, many beaches/beach clubs.
  • Wander Matoyianni Street: Most picturesque place in Mykonos. Streets are filled with white buildings in blue trim (visit early in the morning to beat the crowds.) Peruse the souvenir shops here. There’s so much to see!
  • I Love Mykonos Stairs: Just a really cute set of stairs with “I love Mykonos’ written on them. They can be difficult to find so click the link below for the exact coordinates!
  • #Happiness Store: The cutest little store in Mykonos Town right in the center where the two paths split! It’s almost always crowded here so come early if you want to grab a picture!
  • Take a Greek cooking class or go olive oil tasting!
  • Watch the sunset at 180º Sunset Bar: Keep in mind the the price tag is steep for this one! There is a minimum spending limit per person here and it varies based on terrace/deck that you select! You’ll also want to book this in advance if you’re planning on coming here for peak season.
  • Old Port of Mykonos: We came to the Old Port of Mykonos late afternoon for some people watching, gelato eating, and then strolled around for a bit before having an early dinner. There are tons of restaurants linedup on the Old Port for you to enjoy. We tried Captains Food for Sharing and loved it. Come early if you’d like a seat outside.
    • Mykonos Old Port, Unnamed Road, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
  • Agios Nikolaos Church: located down by the Old Port of Mykonos, it’s one of the only blue domed places in Mykonos!
  • Wander around Little Venice: walk down and just explore. Take pictures, grab ice cream from I Scream on the way, take a seat and people watch for a bit.
  • Sunset at Windmills of Mykonos: I didn’t realize how close the windmills were when I was planning our trip. But they are right there across from Little Venice. During the evening the parking lot (located next to the Kato Mili windmills) is extremely full and you’ll see people lining up to take pictures at the windmills.
    • Flour Mills of Mykonos, Mikonos 846 00, Greece 
Agios Nikolaos Church
I heart Mykonos stairs
Mykonos Town and red door
#happiness store

Where to eat in Mykonos:

  • Nice n Easy Restaurant: Right on the water by Little Venice. This restaurant has some delicious things to try. I personally loved the vegan gyros! They were tasty and so filling. If you go during peak season and want to sit by the water, I highly recommend making reservations in advance. This place does have plenty of seating (though not by the water) so you may still be able to get a table if you didn’t book in advance.
    • nice n easy, Little Venice, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
  • Kastros Restaurant: Okay! It can be VERY difficult to get reservations here, and even though I tried to book a month in advance, I was unsuccessful. Here’s what worked: dinner reservations start at 7:30 pm, so if you go in around 6:15, they will seat you if there’s space available. There were plenty of tables in the main restaurant near the water but the seaview window seats were already full. The hostess at the front gave us a table for dinner so long as we left by 7:30. However, before ordering, another gentlemen (the manager?) came by and let us know that we were welcome stay as long as we’d like. If you’re first you might even be able to snag a table seaview window seat. However, those are reserved starting at 7:30 and you’ll have to empty out before that because the waiters do start to hover.
    • We absolutely loved the salmon and the sea bass here!
    • Opens at 9 am, and if you’re wanting to sit outside in the iconic alleyway, you might have more luck with a frappe during breakfast than a dinner here.
    • Kastro’s Restaurant, Agion Anargyron 1, P.O.Box 69 Paraportiani Church, Little venice, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
  • Lalala: A cute little bar, breakfast eatery, and coffee shop! We stopped in one hot afternoon for a cold pick me up and the cold Freddo cappuccino that the bartender made us did not disappoint. Note that a Freddo cappuccino does have quite a bit of caffeine so maybe don’t have one too late in the day if you’re sensitive to caffeine.
    • Panachrantou 15, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
  • Pepper Souvlaki: You’re obviously going to want to try the chicken souvlaki or the vegetarian souvlaki here! If you’re like me and love planning out your meals in advance.
    • 18 Kouzi Georgouli, Mykonos Town, Greece, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
  • Mamalouka Restaurant: We didn’t eat here as online reviews were mixed. However, the place is beautiful if you prefer the ambiance over the food.
    • Mamalouka – Eat Local, Κουζή Γεωργούλη 53, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
  • Niko’s Taverna: Another one that was on our list and we simply couldn’t get to!
    • Niko’s Taverna, Porta, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
  • Pasta Fresca Barkia: They make the pasta fresh in house so definitely worth checking out. We booked online for lunch right when they opened at 1pm and got a nice seat outside.
    • Κουζή 15, Georgouli, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
  • Captain’s Food for Sharing: Located on the Old Port of Mykonos. It’s a great place for people watching and for grabbing lunch or dinner. I don’t know what it was but literally everywhere we ate, they had the best Greek Potatoes – and this place was no exception! The staff here is extremely family and I think it’s family-run. If I remember correctly, one of the owners is American. Keep in mind that this restaurant doesn’t take reservations, however, they assured me that you can almost always catch a table here with a quick 10-15 minute wait at most! 
    • Captain’s – Food for Sharing, Mykonos Waterfront, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
  • I Scream: The mango sorbet and the yogurt strawberry ice cream were seriously top 10 best ice cream’s I’ve ever had! The yogurt strawberry ice cream seriously tasted like a strawberry cheesecake. I think I had ice cream from here every single day that we were in Mykonos.
    • 20 Street Fabrica Sq, Xenias, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
  • D’Angelo Restaurant: This is one of the first restaurants you pass on the way to Little Venice if you’re coming from the Fabrika bus stop. It close to the ice cream shop above and has both indoor and outdoor seating. Keep in mind that this restaurant does get busy; I highly recommend making reservations.
    • D’Angelo’s also has a bar and a coffee shop right across the road from the restaurant as well.
    • Axioti, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
feta stuffed phyllo
feta cheese wrapped in filo, drizzled with honey and fresh berries
melty gelato cone
outside pasta fresca barkia
I scream strawberry yogurt and mango sorbet
kastros restaurant window Seaview

And that’s all I’ve got for Mykonos! I hope this helps you if you’re planning a trip or gives you something to daydream about and add to your bucket list!

As always, if you’ve been to Mykonos and have suggestions of where to eat, what to do, and how to have fun, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Little Venice

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