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Hello and welcome to Little Spice Jar! I’m Marzia. I write the recipes, take the pictures, and cook the food you see on this site. I was born twenty something years ago on a cold, frost bitten, Saturday evening in The Windy City (Chicago)


I come from a long line of food enthusiasts. Whether its a birthday party or a luncheon, the women in my family can’t help but swap recipes. My mother and my grandmother shared with me the greatest gift there is, the love for all things food! I associate food with family, friends, and good times.

The recipes on Little Spice Jar are mostly all developed by myself. I try to do a healthy balance of vegetarian items, ethnic cuisines, and of course, dessert. I cook and bake through trial and error, testing several recipes, only to share the best on the blog.

Now let me share some completely random facts about myself.

My hyphenated last name has so many letters, you probably wouldn’t believe me if i told you.


I know you were curious.

I have an unfathomable love for all things chocolate, coffee, coffee beans covered in chocolate, and Law and Order SVU marathons.


Anees, my husband, has a long, drawn out theory that chocolate is actually a vegetable because it comes from a cocoa bean, this ladies and gentlemen, is why I married him!

He is also the mastermind that handles all the tech bits of Little Spice Jar, for this and countless other reasons, i’d be lost without him.