Penne Alla Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Final 2Homemade roasted red pepper sauce.

Um… Would you mind terribly if we just stopped there?

That’s right. You’re gonna roast your own peppers too. Like a champ! That’s how we do things around here!

It’s a bit of luxury and a lot of flavor.

Roasted peppers.


Smoked paprika.


Cream cheese.

A hint of cream.

Okay, so i fibbed.  A few hints of cream.

A whole lot of magic in a bowl.

Penne Alla Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Roasted PeppersIf you want to make this on the quick, you can totally use bottled roasted peppers! You’ll need a total of 2 cups of roasted peppers. I roasted them myself and left them in a deep bowl covered with a plate to help the skin loosen off the meat.

Penne Alla Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Final Semi PlateToo bad you can’t jump through and take a bite.


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