Lemon Garlic Herb Rice with Shrimp 5Z

Shrimp. *drool*

Okay, so here’s a question: How do you feel about Lost? Yes. As in the TV show that came out, give or take, 10 years ago. The hubby has just discovered it a few weeks back. And let me tell you, he’s hooked. So it’s become a nightly thing where we binge on a few episodes with dinner.

I’ve always said I didn’t want to watch it. I mean here’s a show completely based on plane crashes. I get weird about plane crashes. I get weird about stepping on planes because I keep thinking about plane crashes. I freak out at any sign of turbulence. True story. Because I think about shows like Lost. And ending up on a weird island. And having bananas and salty fish for every. meal. of. the. day. And about not having a bed or a hair straightener.

But yeah, for sure! Totally! Let’s watch a TV show based entirely around a plane crash. I’m in!

Lemon Garlic Herb Rice with Shrimp 2This isn’t the first time I’ve gone bonkers over a show a decade after it’s release. No siree!

It was Dexter just 2 short months ago. I had numerous marathons a week. While doing the dishes. While folding the laundry. And sometimes even with breakfast. It takes major skills to be that dedicated. And I absolutely hated the ending. I was bothered by it for days!  I cried and felt sad for an unnaturally long period of time.

And now… it’s Desperate Housewives. Punctually a decade late and totally obsessed.

Like the survivors of Lost, God forbid, if any of us are ever stranded on an island, I would just hope that the waters contain enormous amounts of shrimp. So we can have Lemon Garlic Herb Rice with Shrimp until we’re rescued!

Lemon Garlic Herb Rice with Shrimp 6

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